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 Assassination map

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Assassination map Empty
PostSubject: Assassination map   Assassination map Icon_minitimeSat Oct 23, 2010 1:21 pm

Hello ,
I found a good map called"Assassination" maybe u are already familiar with it and if you don't read below.

Link: http://www.filefront.com/17423210/assassination.s2z/

This map is based on Only mid death matching with killing and destroying enemies base.
With this map you can modify options while u are in cr8 option like (No respawn,Drop items,No repick etc..)
Also its very interesting because you need to work as team to beat the enemie ,means you need to co-operate with your team mates and all together win the game.
Very interesting and fast game.

As long it considers runes and secret shop ,they are also (runes on hills and secret shop im middle of battle on right side)

How to play it (where to paste the file?!?)
1.Download the map ,
2.When you have downloaded map copy it to your
Heroes of newerth folder>>Game>>Maps>>Copy here.
3.When you enter game go to create game >>And chose"Assassination"
4.Change game options if u want to ,then click to create and thats it .

Here you can see some screens:

Assassination map Shot0010

Assassination map Shot0011

Assassination map Shot0012

Assassination map Immagine2222
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Assassination map
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